With the relocation of the King Shaka airport, Greytown has become the gateway to the interior of KwaZulu-Natal.

Visitors to The Drakensberg, The Battlefields and The Midlands Meander can exit the airport out the back and find themselves off the beaten track in the real Africa within twenty minutes of the airport!

The route will take you through The Valley of a Thousand Hills, fertile sugar farms, into the rolling hills of timberland around Greytown and the through the magnificent scenery of The Tugela Basin, South Africa's largest river - and the distance is the same as through the dreadful Durban traffic and trucks on the N3.

Directions: Turn right to Tongaat as you exit the airport, right at R102, left at R614, right at Dalton, right at R33 to Greytown and then continue on R33 or take R74.



Home of the little elephant

The Jewel of Kwa-Zulu Natal!


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The Heart of the Midlands Remainder

Pasella in Greytown with Minki van der Westhuizen!

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Greytown has a wide range of accommodation including luxury lodges, guesthouses, B & Bs, chalets, camping and rustic sites all within less than an hour from Greytown.

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The Greytown Country Club
Dedicated page for " The Nineteenth Hole" or "The Top Office"


Visiting Greytown?

Greytown has much to offer anyone wishing to visit for a day or more, all in close proximity. We are blessed with beautiful scenery varying from rolling hills, green trees and pastures, grasslands and thornveld. We have all sporting facilities, accommodation types, historical sites and monuments, a highly regarded museum, diverse cultures, hotsprings, game parks, a wide variety of birding habitats. All the information you need (and more) can be found on this site so browse around.
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Lilani Hotsprings - an ideal weekend getaway - to book phone 072 515 6236. Click here for more info



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Sights, Sites n' Action

Click here to see what Greytown has to offer its visitors. You will find a wide range of things to see and do to cater for most interests whether you are visiting us for a couple of hours or a couple of days!!

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Family Trees

Click here to take you to a fascinating look at a selection of old Greytown family trees - see who is related to whom and where everyone fits in!!

And click here to take you to a list of people that have passed on and at some stage in their lives had something to do with Greytown.

Please ask your family historian and genealogist to send us your family information to help build the history of our community.


Greytown is on The Battlefields Route, where you can see the battle sites & memorials recording the history of the clashes between the Zulus, the British and the Boers from Shaka's reign early in 1800 until the Bambatha Rebellion near Greytown in 1906



Streets, houses, businesses

Click here to see a google image of Greytown and surrounds with streets, houses and businesses pinpointed. Click here for an older version.

The details are far from complete and everyone is asked to contribute whatever information you have to help record the history of our town.



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Quick Distances to Greytown

Jo'Burg- 500 km

Durban - 150 km

Bloem - 570 km

Cape Town - 1 600 km

Port Elizabeth - 1 230 km

Nelspruit - 550 km

East London - 670 km

Health Spas


What else is there?

This site has been built up over a number of years and it is packed with information - so much so that we can't even remember everything that is on it!. Try these links and explore!

List of birds seen in and around Greytown




School photos

Chronological history

District records

Some facts

Rolls of Honour



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Louis Botha
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The area around Greytown consists of a wide range of habitats and altitudes with a result that we are blessed with a rich FLORA and FAUNA. Please help us draw comprehensive lists.

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Recently released book detailing the history of the Adendorff family in South Africa. Lists all of the descendants of Michiel Joseph Adendorff and Aletta Henrietta Bredenkamp and packed with photos, military records and anecdotes. Written by Robin Adendorff & Tiny Christie. Soft cover R350.00, hard cover R500.00 + postage. Please e-mail admin@greytown.co.za



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Some other towns and attractions in Kwazulu -Natal

Midlands Meander
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