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29 December
Government Commission engaged upon the division of the country into Magisterial Districts.
Thomas Okes surveyed a town on the farm of L J Nel.
31 December
Meeting of the residents of the District called and decided to name the town Pretorius after Andries Pretorius. The Government refused to allow this as Pretorius had borne arms against the British. A tentative name had already been fixed to the plan drawn by the surveyor and this was adopted. The town was called Greytown in honour of Earl Grey, the renowned British politician. (Note: This information is taken from the District Records Book at the Magistrate's Office. It seems that the town was actually named after Sir George Grey, the Governor of the Cape from 1854 to 1861)
24 June
A district of Umvoti proclaimed and boundaries fixed by Government Notice No 55 of 1854. G G Kelly appointed as Resident Magistrate.
Hermannsburg Mission founded by Pastor Louis Harms.

Hermannsburg School commenced by Reverend H Hohls.
15 October
Branch Courts established at Rietvlei and Hermannsburg.
Fort Buckingham erected by the military at Kranskop.
27 September
Louis Botha born. The eighth child of Louis Botha and Minnie van Rooyen and later to become the first Prime Minister of South Africa.
Second Court House recorded as having been in existence. Uncertain when it was started. Located inside the space afterwards enclosed as a jail yard
Five local men steal the local Dutch Reform Church Bell. They bury it but unfortunately they take the secret of where they buried it to their graves!! It was uncovered by chance during excavations in the darden of H Holst - 73 years later in 1946!
Fred Markham starts gold rush to Mfongosi.
Third Court House built on corner of Pine and Bell streets.
Rev. T Taylor and Mr Shapley discover "silver" at the farm Burrups.
Natal divided into 26 Magisterial Districts. Greytown appointed the seat of Umvoti Magisterial District.
25 July
Railway lines opened to Greytown.
6 April
Bambatha Rebellion starts Read more
3 March
Special court held in Greytown to try King Dinizulu. He was found guilty of high treason and sentenced to 4 years imprisonment. He was released with the advent of Union in 1910 with the help of Louis Botha. Click here to read more.
Start of The Great War (WW1) which lasts until 1919
Greytown declared a borough and J C Bekker installed as the first mayor.
29 March
Whirlwind wrecks the town.
Spanish flu epidemic kills many.
14 October
Foundation stones, one in English and one in Dutch, laid by Lady Leuchars for Fourth Court House.
Second Court House demolished.
Third Court House demolished.
  30 October Fourth Court house occupied
  24 December Local limits of the district redefined by proclamation No. 302 of 24/12/1925. The total area of the district constituted 1853 square miles (226 317 ha).
1928   Commissioners court established.
1938   Centenary celebration of the Groot Trek
1939   World War II begins and lasts until 1945
  30 August Louis Botha's birth place declared a National Monument.
1946 13 April Church Bell found during building excavations in the garden of H Holst - see 1873.
1976 16 June Soweto riots start and spread throughout the country
1978 26 May Greytown Museum declared a National Monument
  24 November Fort Ahrens declared a National Monument.
1980 22 August Greytown Town Hall declared a National Monument.
1982 10 December Hermannsburg Lutheran Church declared National Monument.
1984 January Cyclone Demoina causes severe flooding throughout RSA including the Umvoti District
1987 September Severe floods. Umvoti River floods the Pietermaritzburg road.
1994 27 April First democratic elections. ANC achieve majority in local authority.
2000 December Second local government elections. ANC retain majority
2001 23 June Street Race revived after 35 years.
2006 1 March

Third democratic local government elections - Inkatha gain majority

Voter turnout for the elections was 50.83%.

Inkatha Freedom Party obtained 54.55% of the votes;

ANC 37.72%;

D.A.: 5.71%;

National Democratic Convention:1.81% and

Independent 0.21%

2009 22 April National and provincial elections
  24-7 April Mighty Men Conference attracts an estimated 200 000 people to Shalom