Subject: News flashes

Date 15 January 2004

Hi there,

Have just stumbled over this page on the net whilst dodging some pretty foul
weather in the great English outdoors, who wants to be a b.....y farmer in
winter over here, must be crazy! It was great, have been wonderfully updated
on all the personal events in the district and will now have to get hold of
the Mersons and let them now where to start their search. It is always a
good feeling when we find out some ' home ' news.

Many thanks,

Dennis and Gail Brunsden


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I am trying to locate the house where my grandfather lived with his wife, and where my father grew up. I may have located my grandfather's will in the Pietermaritzburg Archives, which may give his address, but until I can travel to Maritzburg to look at the documents, I am exploring other ways. Can you suggest anything?
My grandfather was Johannes Jacob (or Jakob) (known as Hans) van den Berg. He was born in 1847 and died in Greytown in 1927. He is buried in the Greytown cemetry (plot 43 or 46 -- I found the grave recently, but can't be sure of my scribbled notes).
Many thanks
Sam van den Berg
1252 Boundary Lane
Pretoria 0083
012 362 0391



Shaun Catterick
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From:  "V Kymdell" <assagay@yebo.co.za> 
To:  <admin@greytown.co.za>
Date:  02/06/2003 09:10 PM
Subject:  [No Subject]

Good evening,

I have just been browsing your very impressive site and came across the list
of farms.  I am collecting information, in collaboration with the
Genealogical Society of SA, on all the cemeteries and gravesites in Kwazulu
Natal.   Our ultimate aim, a huge task, is to collect all the information
inscibed on every grave throughout the country, not only for its obvious
genealogical use, but to have and preserve these inscriptions in case of
further vandalisation and neglect of gravesites.
I have already received a list of the cemeteries in your area, kindly sent
to me by Local Government, however, further to this list, I need, if
possible, a breakdown of the number of graves in each graveyard, date of
graveyard establishment and capacity.   Also if there ARE existing lists of
the graves, in any of the cemeteries in your juridiction, containing ALL THE
INFO on each grave, these would be greatly appreciated.
A further requirement still, is the accumulation of information regarding
graves on farms.  If you have a suggestion on how to collect this data, I
would really like to hear about it.  One thought that comes to mind, would
be for your local newspaper to publish an article informing farmers that we
do indeed need their assistance in compiling a list of graves on their farms
which can be sent to me by way of fax, e-mail or postage.
Our aim is to gather the information by way of volunteers going out in teams
to the various gravesites.  If any of your grave sites are dangerous in any
way, kindly bring our attention to the fact.

Any help in this matter will be much appreciated,

Best regards

Viv Kymdell [Mrs]
P O Box 1213, HILLCREST, 3650
TEL/FAX : 031 769 1102



I would like to contact Peter Abbott. I am busy with a
study of all the Abbott families in South Africa.
Please forward this to him!

Henry Abbott


I posted a message nearly a year ago and the contact details are very old.  Here is the new contact details.  Please be so kind and update this.

Kind regards
Yolanda Gerber
Tel:  (012) 6659047
e-mail:  ygerber@webmail.co.za


I'm a student at the University of Natal (PMB),stay in Greytown(Enhlalakahle).Today I was browsing through the Internet when I luckily enterd the Greytown Website.It's interesting to look at and I' proud to see that our town is also located in the worldsite.This shows that we're growing...

I'm proud of our small,beautiful town.

 Sbahle Nkosi <202513846@students.unp.ac.za>

Hi to all in Greytown
Just to let you all know Michael, Judy, Adam and Beth are all fine in Adelaide, Australia.
Michael worked for the TLC for 16 years, and Judy worked for ABSA for 6 years.
Michaels parents own a small holding on the Reitvlei road, called Old Mill Cottage.
We miss the small town life of Greytown, and the social scene of the Greytown Tennis club.
Feel free to drop us a line to say hi.
From the SMITHS



Hi Roy


Actually yes, I was looking for an old scholars section, photos etc from the High School.  It is a great sight especially for people who have left SA and just want a bit of familiarity and to be able to contact old scholars and see what they are up to.  I went to Ixopo as well and if you have a chance you should look at their website..it is nothing compared to yours so far.  Well Done & thanks..my mother used to work at the library there and it will be interesting for her too.


Regards, Belinda.

Belinda Wren <belinda.wren@dtsl.co.nz>


I was hoping that you would be able to put my message on your recieved letters page.
My name is Stewart Turner, we (my family and I) sadly left Gretown, and moved to New Zealand in 1999.  I attended Greytown High school from 1996 to 1998.  I was hoping that anyone who read this letter and knows me, could drop me a line as I would like to find out how you are, and what's going on.
Stewart / Stewie (to those who know me)  turns@paradise.net.nz

Many thanks for the information. You are correct in that James Player was the elder brother of F Player(My great grandfather). I have also come across the marriage certificate of Jan Thomas Martens of Highbury and Sarah Elizabeth Player(Born van Niekerk and my great great grandmother) on 27 September 1884 in Pietermartizburg.

I also have a copy of the will of Jan Thomas Martins. It seems he was married four times, his third wife was my Great great Grandmother. The only children were from his first marriage and he had ten! If you would like copies of any these documents please let me know.

Would you have any idea if any photographs were ever found at Highbury or are some in the museum?

Again, many thanks for the information

Kenneth Player
Fowlers lane Cottage
Stanton St Bernard
Wiltshire SN8 4LP

thank you very much for the prompt reponse,there seems to be a mix up with the sir name which was sluman not sulaman
she had two sisters allice and milly,anyway it would be nice to no a bit more about them, i seem to remember talk of her being, mayress,and she may have studied law at some time, would be nice to see some photos if its not to much trouble. i will be in cape town Tuesday, hopefully have access to the net some how, back in uk on the 18 if i get time i might fly up and have a look around, in the mean time many thanks again,                                         peter abbott


can you help trying to trace a relative, who last address that i have was 130 vourtrekkon street, she must be long gone by now, she became, so we are led to believe quite a respected citizen in her day, she had two sisters who all so lived in greytown, may be her husband was a dentist, last contact 1945      
                                many thanks in anticipation
                                                p c abbott

Please mail us if you can assist


Dear Sir/Madam

What a wonderful idea to boost Greytown.  I'm sure that many others will want to establish their linkage to Greytown once they see this site.  I have (rather unsucessfully been trying to build up the Martens history in SA and this is my first real relevant hit).

I do not see the Maritz family on the list and they have had extensive ties with Greytown and have also married into the Martens family.  (They are buried in the Noodsberg church).  There is a family farm outside Greytown called Sophiadale owned by Hetiie (Hester) Marens who subsequently moved to the Free State and is (I think) now also deceased.  The farm remains in family hands (being regaded as "Pag grond").  The Martens burial site is on Sophiadale and you wll find the history going back to the family patriarchs, Hendrik Jacobus v.d.Merwe Martens and Dewald Johannes Martens.  My own father is buried there.  I will atempt to get our family bible from a relative and provide you with some more names in our family with ties to Greytown

I do understand that the family originally farmed extensively in the Kranskop area, but have been unable to get more detail.  Primarily because I dont' quite know how to go about it.  In years gone past, Pietermaritzburg was regarded as the main centre (I was born here) and it is possible that a lot of the birth and death registrations was done there.

If you can provide me with any more detail, or failing that, an idea on how I can establish how the familiy got to Kranskop/Greytown in the first place, it would be greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely

D.J. Martens



Hi to all the Havemann Family in RSA

We are Prof. Steve Austin T. & James Grant A.Havemann. Our father was Les Andrew Havemann son of Sidney Austin Havemann great randson of Johann Heindrich Carl Havemann who originally immigrated to RSA and settled in Greytown Umvoti Natal South Africa. We imigrated to Paraguay South America in 1986.
Our E-mail is: havemann@pontapora.com.br
Our Website is: http://www.pontapora.com.br/~havemann/

Visit us

hello, my name is Natalie Bheekie and I am trying to get an address for the family of Bheekie, Chunderakapsad listed on your web site. I am a distant cousin from the States wishing to send my condolences to the family and make contact after many years of being apart.
Can you please help me find the family?
Much Thanks!
Natalie Bheekie






We read your information with interest having lived in Greytown for 10 years.
A little bit of information you may find interesting regarding Bambatha.  My grandfather DR. HS Flook was asked to go down into a ravine and remove Bambatha's head in order to prove that he had in fact died.  My grandfather duly performed this grisly task.
Congratulatioins on your web page, most interesting and lovely to read all the old names that meant so much to us.
Yours faithfully


My name is Marianne Paetzold (nee Dürr), I visited the Hermansburg School from 1989 until 1992 and then moved back to Windhoek, Namibia.
I am looking for a very special friend, and the only information I have is that she is now staying in Greytown.  I know she has married, unfortunately I do not know her new surname, I know her as Bettina Schartz. 
I wonder if you could possibly dig up a contact number or address on Bettina?
Your efforts are appreciated.
Kind Regards,
Marianne Paetzold domega@pupkewitz.com



My name is Johan de Wit, I lived in Greytown from 1983 till 1995. Did St10 in 1993. I now live in Newcastle. My E-mail addy is Webmaster@solomonsys.com


Johan de Wit
Network Administrator
Solomon Systems
+27 34 3154980

Tracey Turner n. Hayes
I started school in Greytown in 1969 and matriculated at Greytown HighSchool in 1980.  My name is Yolanda Gerber (nee Subke).  My father,Ronald Edwin (Stompie), died in Greytown at the age of 59 in 1991 and isburied in Greytown.  My mother, Judith Wilhelmina (Miem), is stillliving in Greytown and is currently working a the Greytown Boys Hostel. My middle sister, Anel, went to school in Greytown until Standard 6 andmatriculated in Bethlehem.  She is know residing in Harrismith. My baby sister, Leonie de Coning, matriculated in 1986 and is currentlyresiding in Dalton. We have many fond memories of Greytown and still visitregularly.  I am living in Kempton Park and work for a large systemsintegration company (I.T.).  Any old friends are welcome to contactme.I must compliment you on the idea of this website.  I suggest thatyou add a site especially for the Museum and the Schools.  They havea really good historic background of Greytown.Have a look at http://www.kimberley.co.za.  This is one of the better town websites that I have seen. Keep up the good work!!! Kind regardsYolanda GerberTel: (011) 203 5100 (work)e-mail:  yolandag@kss.co.za

Contact: Daniells
E-mail: tracydaniells@hotmail.com

  Contact: Shannon Russell
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Contact: Annie

Contact: MoiraCholerton (Mrs.)